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         CITIC Guo Hua International Contracting (Overseas) Ltd


    CITICGIC was established in 1995 in Hong Kong as a subsidiary of Guo Hua International Contracting Inc (CICI). Its business focuses on construction and electricity and mechanic engineering system, general contracting of international and joint corporate project with foreign companies funds in China.
   CITICGIC is indeed a complex company with system surveys, designs, constructions, and system integration in construction, electricity and mechanic engineering system field. Certain strengths are the magnificent technical power and other engineering and contracting experiences internationally and locally.

    CITIC director Mr. Wang Jun gives the business guideline as ^Customer First, Credit standing First, Fully active person¨s ability. ̄ CITICGIC top management team fully active the experienced people who are capable to lead the expert teams to survey, to analyze for company to make decisions. The reasonable management methods successfully lead the company acting on electricity and mechanic "Turn-key" the system acting in the construction and engineering market competition.
    CITICGIC changes Chinese company image in Hong Kong construction market. The Image changes from low technique labor work to the self contracting in the system design, supplier installation, debug, testing and jumps into fully general contracting "Turn key" system.
    The company acts in CITIC business style proposed by the former chairman of CITIC Mr. RongYieren. ^Abiding the agreement, Ensuring quality, Making Low Profits, and Supporting Faithfulness ̄. In this engineering project, we do every thing from benefiting the customer¨s point of view by carefully organize, design and construction at the same time ensuring quality on schedule. As Chinese company, CITICGIC leads into high technical complex field, high performance compiling with advanced management system. Thus, this business operation ability becomes a completed contracting corporation in the international market.
    Furthermore, CITICGIC is active in Hong Kong construction contracting along with the business going profitable as well as the market shares in the past five years. It has developed from sub-contracting of labor work, engineering project corporation into complete contracting. CITICGIC has got the image of international technical corporation and management of construction contracting.

    CITICGIC has certified qualification in Hong Kong as following:

    Top class certification of construction works in Hong Kong

    ISO9001 standard International quality certification

    CITICGIC breaks through the following items:

    The first Chinese company bears electrical and mechanical project of specialist consultant in Hong Kong

    The first Chinese company bears electricity and mechanic "Turn key" system In Hong Kong

    Help Chinese company export the highest voltage power transformer in history

    The only Chinese mainland company member in Hong Kong Electricity and Mechanic Contractor Association.

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Room 2811, 28/F., China Merchants Tower, Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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