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              About us - Our service promise

  We have experienced in the past few years in contracted engineering projects. We have a rich experiences and excellent expert team, the team has domestic and international experiences on engineering project, has experiences of the international engineering standard and advantage technical and management methods, in the case, we can ensure the engineering project quality and schedule.

  We have bid international tender and completed several electricity and mechanic engineering "Turn Key" system, all of the equipment integration and supply are suit to international standard and convention. We can get more technical and financial support from our headquarter in domestic. we have a huge technical support and construction team with rich experiences in domestic construction market, on China local politics and rule of law, we are satisfy for the requirement of client.

  We have wide range corporation and connection with major manufacturers and suppliers, ensure manufacturer’s technical and after sales support. We act as an agent of foreign and domestic suppliers, We are only agent for some device suppliers. We have the corporation experiences with transnational company, in the case we can contact them in short time through our certified suppliers information database system, Through this system, we can quick response for the requirements of client and give the client our experiences and suggestions. The certified suppliers and devices complain with technique specification in the full range of product, client can choice the product from our certified supplier list and get the best price performance combination.

  We emphasize the after sales services for engineering project, we choose the most advantage management software to processing and recording all engineering data carefully during the full range of the project under the ISO9001 International standard, we are standing by the client’s engineering and technical method updating at anytime to meet client’s new needs.

  We hope to get more corporations in wide range to open new business field, work together to consolidate the corporation and develop the new business field and corporation under equitableness in competition to catch up the international market stepping, to make more improvement.

  Acts on CITIC style of Abiding by agreement, Ensuring quality, Making Low Profits and Fulfilling Faithfulness, Our final target is ensure client’s engineering quality and on time, create a tuneful working environment and make every job in an orderly way. To ensure engineering system quality and on time into usage, to make every system on our hand be a perfect safety and reliable system, We are conscientious for a single device and also response for whole system devices compatibility and match each other, to keep the system balance in the system integration, each device quality and integration technical specification.

  To ensure the system quality, we have system control method and organization to ensure the project quality and measurable management, act on ISO9001 quality ensure system, each step of the job is well done under control. We honors execute the contractor and it can be under client’s monitoring and control.

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Room 2811, 28/F., China Merchants Tower, Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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